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5 Easy Steps to an Organized Classroom Library

Whether starting from scratch or looking to improve your current setup, these steps will help you create an organized classroom library that works for you and

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10 Easy End-of-School-Year Activities for the Middle School ELA Classroom

These end-of-the-school-year activities for the ELA classroom will make your life much easier while providing closure and fun for students.

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How to Teach Students to Analyze and Explain Text Evidence

Learn strategies to help your intermediate and middle school students analyze and explain text evidence with RACES, TIQAC, or any other acronym you use.

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5 Websites with Free Online Writing Practice for Students

Online writing practice can provide varied writing experiences that improve skills and motivation for intermediate and middle school students.

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5 Websites with Free Reading Passages and Question Sets

High-quality reading passages and question sets can serve as vital tools to improve reading comprehension, expose students to various topics and text types, and help

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How to Handle Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom

Manage challenging behaviors in your intermediate or middle school classroom with strategies that create a positive learning environment for all students.

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How to Build Your Classroom Library on the Cheap

A well-stocked classroom library can be a treasure trove for students, but budgets can be tight. Fear not! There are ways for teachers to get free and

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How to Help Your Students Succeed with Independent Reading

Independent reading involves skills that our intermediate and middle-level students may or may not have when they come to us. As language arts teachers, it is our

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10 Easy Back-to-School Activities for the Middle School ELA Classroom

These back-to-school activities for the ELA classroom will help get your school year off to an engaging start while making your life so much easier!

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How to Increase Engagement While Analyzing a Text

For some students, analyzing a text can be as exciting as watching paint dry. So why not get them actively engaged with what they’re reading and spice it up a bit?

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6 Effective Ways to Calm the Classroom

With all of today’s distractions, being able to calm the classroom can be challenging. It is important, however, that we create a peaceful and conducive learning

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4 Proven Ways to Simplify Essay Grading

You can simplify essay grading using these tried-and-true methods. Stop using your personal time and get your weekends back! Analyzing writing can provide

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