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5 Websites with Free Online Writing Practice for Students

5 Websites with Free Online Writing Practice for Students


Online writing practice can provide varied writing experiences that improve skills and motivation for intermediate and middle school students.

Online writing programs allow students to practice their writing skills at their own pace and convenience. This flexibility is especially beneficial for students with varying needs and learning styles. As a result, they are motivated to write more frequently.

In addition, online writing practice helps students become more comfortable with digital tools and technology. This is an essential skill in today’s digital age and can benefit them in various aspects of their academic and professional lives.

Some online platforms facilitate peer editing and collaboration, allowing students to share their work with classmates and receive feedback from their peers. This promotes a sense of community and can lead to improved writing through constructive criticism.

Where can I find websites with free online writing practice for students?

I’ve selected five websites that provide a quality online writing experience for students. Some of these platforms offer helpful features, such as progress monitoring tools, so make sure to check out each website to see what they offer.

1. NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program

Pricing: completely free for everyone

Students in grades K-12 can use this website to write a novel right on the site, set a word-count goal, and track their progress. The program supports student skill development by providing teachers with Common Core-aligned curricula, online class management tools, and motivational materials. Both students and teachers can connect with others to share their writing and get feedback.

2. ReadWriteThink

Pricing: completely free for everyone

ReadWriteThink is an interactive platform for students in grades K-12. It provides lesson plans, a calendar of important events in literary history and resources to explore them, printable resources, and interactive tools for online writing practice. The interactive tools include various graphic organizers and publishing tools. Topics include inquiry and analysis, learning about language, organizing and summarizing, writing and publishing prose, and writing poetry.

5 Websites with Free Online Writing Practice for Students
Photo by Rido

3. Edublogs

Pricing: free plan, pro plan, and custom plan

Edublogs is an online platform that provides space for students to turn in work, showcase learning, and document writing progress. Teachers can create classroom and student blogs that include text, images, and videos. For students, blogs can function as portfolios and places to share ideas, collaborate with others, and reflect on learning. Specifically, students can review past work, set goals, reflect on progress, and mark milestones in their growth.

4. NoRedInk

Pricing: free plan, paid premium plan

NoRedInk is an interactive platform that helps students in grades 3-12 improve their writing and grammar skills. It has targeted exercises as well as quick write prompts for online writing practice. Teachers need the premium plan to access all of the skills and writing prompts, but an ample amount is available with the free version.

5. Quill

Pricing: free plan, paid teacher plan, paid district and school plan

Quill is an interactive platform that helps students in grades 1-12 improve their writing skills. It provides a diagnostic assessment, personalized learning plans, and shared group lessons. Students can practice combining sentences, fixing errors in passages, and writing with text evidence. Reporting is included in the free plan, but for advanced reporting, teachers need a paid plan.

Online writing practice prepares students for future academic and professional endeavors. By using these platforms, they become proficient in digital writing, which is a valuable skill in the modern world.

The advantage for teachers is that writing prompts and practice exercises can be easily generated and assigned. With these platforms, teachers can differentiate for their students and help them develop independent writing skills to their fullest potential.

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