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If you’re looking for engaging digital and printable resources for upper intermediate or middle school language arts, you’re in the right place!

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Student Needs

Do you have students in grades 4-8 with diverse needs who could benefit from a scaffolded approach for language arts?

Teacher Needs

Are you looking for ideas and resources that are engaging for students yet practical and easy to implement and assess?


I specialize in creating ELA resources that break down challenging skills and concepts into comprehensible components.


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Hello there!

I’m Jan. I’m a pet mom, an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, and a MASSIVE book hoarder. My philosophy of teaching is simple… start where students are and build them up with the right interventions at the right time. I teach middle school language arts, and I enjoy incorporating strategies and techniques such as the Gradual Release of Responsibility (I Do-We Do-You Do), aspects of Whole Brain Teaching, and structures for cooperative learning. In my free time, I enjoy making digital and printable resources for upper intermediate and middle school language arts.

Jan's File Cabinet Intermediate and Middle School Language Arts
Thank You, Ma'm Discussion Cards for Grades 5-8

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