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10 Easy End-of-School-Year Activities for the Middle School ELA Classroom

10 Easy End-of-the-School-Year Activities for the Middle School ELA Classroom


These end-of-the-school-year activities for the ELA classroom will make your life much easier while providing closure and fun for students.

If the last few weeks of your school year are anything like mine, you’re wondering what you can do to keep the kids engaged and also keep your sanity. Planning can be difficult due to assemblies, parties, and field trips. In addition, students are typically unfocused.

Over the years, I’ve found that the best way to handle this challenging time is to keep some engaging, no-prep activities on hand that can be quickly assigned.

My Top 10 End-of-the-School-Year Activities

The last few weeks of the school year are an excellent time for students to review what they’ve learned, reflect on their school year, and have fun. Providing students with these opportunities can set the stage for an enjoyable and rewarding end-of-the-year experience for everyone involved.

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So, how can we plan for engaging activities that help students review, reflect, and have fun, as well as help keep our sanity? Here are some easy-to-implement ideas:

1. Memory Book

Have students complete a memory book chronicling their school year. A memory book offers students an opportunity for reflection, creativity, connection, and closure while preserving cherished memories for the future. Therefore, this is one of my favorite back-to-school activities!

Read more about my digital and print Memory Book for grades 5-8.

2. Poetry Writing

Provide some model poems and then have students write their own. Poetry writing at the end of the school year offers students a creative and meaningful way to reflect, process emotions, express themselves, and celebrate their experiences. It also fosters language skills and helps build connections with others.

Learn more about my digital Poetry Writing Unit on Google Slides for grades 5-7. The only prep work is to assign it in Google Classroom!

3. Reading Response Choice Boards

Keep students reading with response choice boards! Choice boards promote engagement, creativity, and reflection, making them an ideal activity for the end of the school year. When students have choices, they are always more engaged!

Check out my digital Reading Response Choice Boards on Google Slides for grades 4-6.

4. Word Games

Playing word games with students at the end of the school year promotes cognitive development and social interaction. Some fun ideas for word games include Scattergories, Wordle, Boggle, Scrabble, Pictionary, Password, Bananagrams, and Taboo. You can set up game stations or divide the whole class into teams. Be sure to set clear expectations before gameplay.

You can get a copy of my printable CRYPTOGRAM ANALOGY CARDS for grades 4-8 (and many other goodies) in my Free Resource Library by joining my email list with the link below.

5. Book Spine Summaries

Have students create book spines with summaries of the books they’ve read and display them on a bulletin board, wall, or door. Summarizing reading promotes critical thinking, writing skills, synthesis of learning, and self-assessment. It is a valuable activity that helps students reflect on their reading experiences throughout the year.

Take a peek at my printable Book Spine Reading Response Templates for grades 5-7.

Task students with selecting and illustrating their favorite literary quotes from the fiction, nonfiction, and poetry texts they’ve read throughout the school year. Then, create an art gallery display that celebrates the power of language and creativity. This is another of my favorite end-of-the-school-year activities because of its collaborative nature.

7. Zen Mode Coloring

Coloring is the perfect activity when you have odd times to fill between other end-of-the-year activities. Not only is it quick and easy to set up, but it also promotes relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness. I love to dim the lights and play some music while we color. It’s a great way to bond as we celebrate the end of the school year.

Check out my printable coloring pages for grades 6-9. This is another no-prep resource. Simply print and go!

8. Literary Reflection Letters

Have students write reflective letters to themselves or someone important to them, discussing their growth as readers, writers, and thinkers throughout the school year. Students can also write about their favorite language arts activities and set goals for their future literary endeavors.

9. Journal Writing

Journal writing at the end of the school year offers students a valuable opportunity for reflection, self-expression, and emotional processing. It also fosters writing skills and prepares them for the next phase of their academic journey. This is another quick and easy-to-implement activity for those in between times.

Download my FREE Daily Journal Writing Prompts for Month 1 with both printable and digital versions.

10. Summer Reading Challenge

Provide students with a list of ideas for reading over the summer and present it as a challenge. The list should include scenarios for when and where to read. Include ideas that are silly and fun to really encourage them! Summer reading challenges promote literacy skills, expand vocabulary, encourage a love for reading, and prepare students for the academic year ahead.

These ten end-of-the-school-year activities will engage your students and promote a passion for language, literature, and creative expression. In addition to maintaining a positive and engaging classroom environment, they set students on the path to becoming independent readers and independent writers.

If you like to plan ahead, consider reading 10 Easy Back-to-School Activities for the Middle School ELA Classroom.

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